As you can see, SLREH is bustling with activity. We are excited to announce that we have taken the first step of a large scale renovation and development project. The hospital was first developed in the 1970's and is in need of a facelift; and we are outgrowing the space at an incredible rate thanks to the support of our incredible clients. As such, we are looking to renovate and expand, bringing you and your horses the state of the art facility that parallels the high quality medicine and care you have all come to expect here at SLREH. We are starting with an upgrade to our ICU facility, followed by development of a new isolation facility, new orthopedic and imaging building, and upgraded sports medicine complex. This transition is going to take time, performed in phases, and we have strategically planned it so as not to disrupt daily flow or patient care at the hospital.
We ask that you check in at the office when you arrive, and be patient with the construction sites and restricted areas that you see around you. We promise, it is most certainly going to be worth it!



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